Appointment of Controller and Auditor General

Before independence, the head of Audit Department in Tanganyika was called the Director of Audit. The Director of Audit of Tanganyika Territory was appointed by the Secretary of State or the Governor–General subject to the directions of the Secretary of State on behalf of his Majesty the King or Queen of England. Soon before independence in 1961 the title of the head of the office was changed from the Director of Audit to the Controller and Auditor General, while the name of the office became Exchequer and Audit Department instead of Audit Department .

At the time of independence, the Controller and Auditor General was appointed by the Governor – General acting in accordance with the advice of the Prime Minister of Tanganyika. In 1962, the Republican Constitution of Tanganyika was adopted. This marked the beginning of the Presidential System of government whereby the President of Tanganyika was granted the prerogatives of both the former roles of the Governor-General and Prime Minister. Following the enactment of the Republican Constitution, the Controller and Auditor General has from that time being appointed by the President of the United Republic of Tanzania.





1.  Mr. R.W.A. McColl from 1961 to 1963












2.  Mr. Gordon. A. Hutchinson 1964 to 1969











3.  Mr. Mohamed Aboud 1969 to 1996








4.  Mr. Thomas Kiama 1996 to 2005











5.   Mr. Ludovick S. L. Utouh 2006 to 2014











6.   Prof. Mussa Juma Assad  2014 to date


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