Report Reference Number: GR/LGA/2020/21

QR Code: 1RDJUvFtPy

The report highlights findings and recommendations emanating from financial and compliance audits of 185 LGAs conducted in all the 26 Regions of Tanzania Mainland for the year 2020/21. The report covers all significant audit matters noted relating to financial statements and operational efficiency within LGAs in the implementation of the mandates for which they were established. In particular, the report has covered a review of internal control systems, budget and revenue, especially on challenges facing LGAs in collecting revenues and systems’ setbacks. 

The report has also elaborated on inefficiencies in the management of expenditure, human resources, and procurement, including projects being implemented under force account, among other areas. It also includes an assessment of operational performance within the education and health sectors, and the performance of investments made by LGAs including a review of the Women, Youth and Disabled Revolving Fund. Further, it includes findings and recommendations from 37 different special audits with specific terms of reference that were commissioned by CAG.